Wing Chun Kung Fu

What is Wing Chun?

Wing Chun is a martial art made by a pair of girls. If you think all martial arts are for tough guys, then you haven't tried Wing Chun.

I don't train in any Wing Chun club myself these days, but there are still plenty of local clubs in Birmingham to choose from. I love Wing Chun in the way that I feel it, but I so rarely see it being taught in this way.

Sticking Hands

Yip Man & Bruce Lee

Who knows who's right or wrong when training with inflexible drills? But Sticking Hands is a very sensitive, open-minded training exercise. There's not much room for blagging when you test a guy by his sticking hands.

So when you check out your local Wing Chun Kung Fu club, pay special attention to the teacher's sticky hands.

Like Bruce Lee said, absorb what is useful, disregard the rest, and add what is uniquely your own. But be careful of offending some teachers who may not be keen to welcome free-thinking students.

Map of local Wing Chun clubs

Thinking of joining a local Wing Chun Kung Fu club in or near to Birmingham, UK? You may find this map of local clubs quite useful...

  1. Shaun Rawcliffe, Midlands Wing Chun Kuen (Birmingham)

    1st Hall Green Scout Hall, Highfield Road, Hall Green, Birmingham, B28 0BY

  2. Shaun Rawcliffe, Midlands Wing Chun Kuen (Solihull)

    Oak Cottage Primary School, Greswolde Road, Solihull, B91 1DY

  3. Mike Thompson, Ching Mo School (Birmingham)

    United Reformed Church, 1 Brassington Avenue, Sutton Coldfield, Birmingham, B73 6AA

  4. Abid Mahmood, Midlands Wing Chun School (Birmingham)

    64 Northampton Street, Hockley, Birmingham, B18 6DX

  5. Zubbair Khan, Midlands Wing Chun School (Wolverhampton)

  6. New Hampton Arts Center, Dunkley Street, Wolverhampton, WV1 4AN

  7. Ade Rhodes, Warrior Wing Chun

    Priory Park ABC, Priory Road, Dudley, DY1



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