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Introducing you to Birmingham's best martial arts clubs

Hi, I'm Dan, here to introduce you to martial arts in Birmingham. There's literally hundreds of martial arts clubs within the vacinity of Greater Birmingham, indeed, traditions from all around the world come together in this cultural melting pot of a city.

  • Find a hobby

    Martial arts classes can be fun – they're not all about sweat & blood. These days, many martial arts clubs provide a friendly & leisurely training atmosphere for their members.

  • Save your time

    Our free martial arts training advice helps you find a local club in a style to suit you. And in case you want to progress super-fast, we offer world-class private tuition in Birmingham.

  • Save your money

    With our long lists of local martial arts clubs, you've got no excuse for getting ripped-off for long by any Bullshido McDojo charging sky-high fees for insubstancial lessons.

  • Save your life

    True martial art can save your life at a time when you least expect. You could be chilling, thinking life is fine, then shortly find yourself in a sticky situation with your back to a wall.

Birmingham Martial Arts Network is here to help you get familiar with the different martial arts styles and clubs around the city. We aim to represent all of Birmingham's martial arts clubs in a fair, impartial manner. If you're a student, have a read, watch some videos, and see what you think. See if we can't help you find some good local classes – be they for fitness, entertainment or self-defence.

Birmingham Martial Arts Network aims to provide a referencepoint for anyone in Birmingham looking for an athletic hobby to improve their shape & fitness while also exploring the physical sciences and spirituality – all in one. Maintained by real martial arts masters, this site introduces all the popular different types of martial arts and the diverse range of clubs around the city. We endeavour to feature all the local karate clubs in Birmingham, and all the other styles too. From Tai Chi to Taekwondo; Judo to Jeet Kune Do. We also offer impartial recommendations on joining whichever clubs appear to be most useful and relevant to you. Indeed, you can even apply for world-class private tuition for only £20 per hour. No other city in the world can offer you this!