• Culture

    Capoeira is a Afro-Brazilian martial art, developed by African slaves in Brazil, traditionally practiced in huddles with percussionist music.

  • History

    Developed by African slaves in Brazil, Capoeira is based on ancient African dance rituals, refined for fighting while disguised as a dance.

  • Founders

    Capoeira was founded anonymously by African tribesmen, mainly from Angola, enslaved and taken to Brazil by Portuguese colonists.

  • Today

    Capoeira has been globally quite popular for a few decades within all kinds of communities due to its invigourating cultural aura.

  • Famous people

    Eddy Gordo did a lot to increase awareness & popularity of Capoeira, even though he's just a Tekken video game character.

  • Style

    Capoeria is as upbeat & down-to-earth as muay thai while it can be as smooth-gliding as tai chi and it's just as acrobatic as breakdancing.

What's Capoeira?

Capoeira is a truely unique martial art, blessed with balanced & well-poised moves throughout, but dressed in a way so different to any other popular style of martial art. The moves are as balanced as tai chi but the tempo is as upbeat as in muay thai, and the dynamic range of movements makes most other martial arts seem boring and void of culture. Capoeira flows like tai chi moves, only faster, and while some would say tai chi has a vaster range of movements, they're nearly all standing up whereas Capoeira involves all kinds of acrobatics – jumping kicks & flips, and lots of short & shifty footwork, spinning & hobbling around the floor like breakdancing, all the while balanced, not over-committed, and ready to change into any other Capoeira move with speed & finesse.