• Wing Chun


    Wing Chun Kung Fu is a South Chinese (Cantonese) martial art, with strong roots in the cities of Foshan and Hong Kong.

  • Wing Chun


    It's adapted from Shaolin White Crane and simplified for efficient combat, less focus on performing arts and imitation of animals.

  • Wing Chun


    Wing Chun was founded by a Shaolin Nun called Ng Mui, the leading survivor when the temple was evacuated 350 years ago.

  • Wing Chun


    Wing Chun is the fastest growing Chinese martial art in the world, thanks to the ingenuity of its main exercise, Sticky Hands (Chi Sau).

  • Wing Chun

    Famous people

    Jackie Chan did some. Bruce Lee mastered it. Because Wing Chun is known as the most practical, smart widespread martial art in the world.

  • Wing Chun


    Wing Chun is focused on striking and deflecting. Those who push & grapple don't really understand & appreciate Wing Chun.

What is Wing Chun?

Wing Chun Kung Fu is a martial art made by a pair of girls. Founded by a Shaolin Nun (Ng Mui) and her student (Yim Wing Chun) after whom the art was named. If you think all martial arts are for tough guys, then you haven't tried Wing Chun. There are plenty of local Wing Chun clubs in Birmingham to choose from, although it's so rarely seen being taught without all the common idiosyncrasies. Who knows who's right or wrong when training with inflexible martial arts drills? But Sticking Hands (Chi Sau) is a very sensitive, open-minded training exercise. There's not much room for blagging when you test a guy by his sticking hands. So when you check out your local Wing Chun Kung Fu club, pay special attention to the teacher's sticky hands.